3 Cute Fall Hairstyles to Try in Santa Rosa CA

If your summer has been all about beachy waves and messy buns, there’s no doubt you could use an update for your autumn aesthetic. Transitioning from warm to cool weather doesn’t have to be jarring, and 2019’s fall hairstyle trends are so good you’ll hardly miss the summer heat.

A good style is nothing without a trendy cut, so think about pairing these of the moment looks together to update your fall look as the season takes full effect.

  1. Curtain Bangs
    Everyone’s been there: post-breakup or after moving away to college, in front of your bathroom mirror with a pair of scissors and some crudely-chopped bangs. While this reputation isn’t unearned, bangs are enjoying a resurgence in popularity.This is due to the rise of curtain bangs, a look that you might recognize as Brigitte Bardot’s iconic style. Basically, curtain bangs part down the middle (where they are shortest) to frame the face in a way that’s both youthful and flirty.

    The great thing about this look is that it can be worn with a chunky headband or in front of a half-up style (both on trend this fall) without looking out of place.

  1. Short and Sweet
    Luscious locks can be hard to part with, but the bob trend is spreading like wildfire this season. A classic look, the blunt bob never goes out of style, but it’s particularly trendy in the 2019 autumn realm.With strands that are all the same length, your hair will look extra full and voluminous with this style, even if you don’t use heat on it. What’s more, it looks just as cute beneath a stocking cap as it does pinned back with glitzy barrettes.
  1. Sleek Mermaid
    Who said that long hair isn’t still in vogue? If you’re die-hard about keeping your hair well below your shoulders, it doesn’t mean you can stay on trend this fall. Whether you opt for face framing pieces or keep everything long, work with a middle part.You might be tempted to inch that part over to the side, but straight down the middle is where the trend has landed. From there, try a loose crimp on all that hair to add some texture and volume, or incorporate some dutch braids to pull it back.

Fall is the perfect time to rethink your hairstyle for the rest of the year, and these trendy looks are sure to make you thrilled that you went for it.

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