Hair Color Trends for Fall 2018

The heat of the summer has finally passed, and you are already enjoying the pumpkin spice aroma, dressing in layers and taking long walks just to feast your eyes on those lovely fall colors that nature is displaying.

It’s time to start fresh, new projects, become focused, active, and more grounded. All this excitement usually means you will soon plan your visit to the salon for an update on your beachy, messy summer look.

It’s time to go darker, right? Well, if you need something a little bit more interesting than that, here are the best hair color trends for the 2018 fall, as described by the experts.

Natural Red Hues

Going redheaded to match the colors of the falling leaves has been a recurring trend for quite some time. But variations are important, and this year’s red hair has to look natural. So, make sure to opt for warm reds with golden undertones.

The key to achieving a rich red that does not look unnatural and painted on is to have blonde and golden subtle highlights through it.

Dark Roots

The best way to switch from summer hair to a more toned down color is to darken your roots so that they blend in with your natural color as they grow. You can keep your bleached summer color on the length of the hair, or add some honey undertones with a gloss or added highlights.

Cold Brew Hair

The fall season is all about steaming, warm, and full of flavor drinks. Not only does everybody love sipping on them, but they are becoming hairstylists’ inspiration too. Cold brew hair, for example, takes its inspiration from the way cream insinuates its light hues into cold brewed coffee when you pour it gently in the cup.

Cold brew hair has rich, warm brown colors and light, thin highlights placed at the edges of your flowing locks. If you want to add even more dimension to it, add some warm caramel tones, just as you would do with your daily brew.

If you want to try out one of this fall’s trends, we are happy to have you for a consultation with a colorist at Fredrick James Salon. Together, we will decide which color will fit you best and how to transition your mane to a fabulous autumnal look that looks and feels amazing.