3 Tips To Keep Your Hair Looking Like It Was Just Done

Most of us love the way our hair looks when we have just left the salon. It is silky and full of body, and we love what it does to boost our confidence. What’s the secret to having hair like that every day?

Invest in the right hair products.

Ask your hairdresser what products they put in your hair if you love the way it looks and plan on purchasing them for yourself. Ask them how to use it properly and different ways it can be applied. You will be glad you did. While the products can be expensive, less is more if you plan on using oils and serums. If you take showers in the morning, ask for something that works well on wet or dry hair. If you like to take showers at night and you are the get-up-and-go, not-so morning person, then ask for something that can be used on dry hair for quick styling.

Do not wash your hair every day.

It is true. Shampooing your hair every day can away the natural oils your scalp produces, meaning you could be left with less-than-manageable hair. When you do not let your hair be ‘dirty’ every once in a while, your hair may become brittle and dry, causing it to break and create split ends. If you feel that your hair produces too much oil and you do not like that feel of unwashed hair, ask your hairdresser to recommend a dry shampoo. An advantage to skipping washes is that your hair color won’t fade as fast and your hair will become naturally shiny and smooth to the point where you may wonder if you need to use hair products at all.

Choose the right brush.

Surprisingly, there are multiple brushes that can be used to achieve different desired hair styles. For instance, a large round barrel brush is best used to help create smooth blowouts while a wide paddle brush would be best in helping you keep that long, straight hair sleek without volume. Ask your hairdresser to recommend a brush type for the hairstyle you want and pay attention to what your hairdresser does to your hair as well. Do they use a diffuser on your hair? Did they tease the hair in a certain area? Following your hairdresser’s lead is key to getting your perfect salon hair every time.

Your hair can easily make or break your entire look. So, if you want to keep you hair looking like you just left the salon, do yourself a favor and take your cue from your hairdresser. Listen to their suggestions and take their advice and you will have gorgeous hair every day.

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