3 Top Summer Hairstyles For Men

Looking to do something new this summer, and change the way you wear your hair? Here are a few of our top picks for the top 3 summer hairstyles for men. See how you can adapt to today’s latest trends, and get a haircut that makes you feel great about yourself.


  1. Buzz Cut (Or Crew Cut)

If you tend to run hot in the summer and need some relief from the heat of the sun, you can’t go wrong with a classic buzz cut. Despite what you may think, though, you shouldn’t try to buzz off all your hair by yourself. An experienced stylist can choose the right height for your hair, and smooth and contour your cut to make sure it fits your head shape perfectly. Need inspiration? Check out this gallery of top celebrities with buzz cuts!

Buzz cuts are great if you have a more square or rectangular face shape, but are not ideal for men with round faces. If you have a more round face shape, the crew cut is a good option. Leaving a bit more hair on top and squaring it off helps elongate your face, and makes it look slimmer.


  1. High-And-Tight

Looking for a bit more length? The high-and-tight is just what you need. Your stylish will buzz the sides of your hair, and fade the cut as it rises towards the top of your head. About 2 inches of hair will be left on the top, and your stylist will add some texture with scissors. Apply a dab of pomade or styling gel, and you can shape it however you want – it’s totally versatile! Take a look at this gallery for some examples.


  1. Surf Rat (AKA Long & Loose)

Looking for a longer hairstyle? If you’ve been growing your hair out, the “surf rat” or “long & loose” is a great style. You’ll need medium-to-long hair (5-6 inches is preferred). Then, when your hair is wet, you can use a salt spray to add some texture and volume to your hair. Then, let it dry. Your hair will look loose and disheveled – like you just climbed off of a surfboard at Huntington Beach, California! Need more tips to maintain your hair? Check out this guide!


Get A Great Summer Haircut And Rock Your Style!

Summer is the perfect time to try something new. So consider one of these above styles, and see a professional stylist at Fredrick James Salon to complete your look.