4 Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

It’s the moment many women have been dreaming about since they were kids – walking down the aisle and starting the new chapter in your life.

Congratulations are in order, of course, but we’d also like to discuss your bridal hairstyles choices. If you have long hair, you’re probably not that stressed about it – after all, it’s the length that offers the most options, right? But your bridal hairdo doesn’t just have to look stunning. It also needs to make a statement, represent you, and if it could manage to withstand the test of time and loads of dancing, even better!

Here are some of the trendiest bridal hairstyles for long hair that can take you all the way through the most important day of your life!


Half up Braid

The half-up brain is a great bridal hairstyle for long hair that fits multiple looks. So whether you’re going for a more classic beauty approach, or want some more fun, this hairstyle is very versatile. The brain can be styled differently, but the half down sections should be loosely curled or come with some waves. It’s easy, and it will stay together the entire day!


Knotted Ponytail

A low ponytail is a classic hairstyle, bridal or otherwise, but if you want to make it more fun, you can go for the knotted version that creates some nice visual effects to your long hair. You can style it with some flowers, or expensive pins for a bit more glam.


Brushed out Waves

If you want to recreate that classic Hollywood glam, brushed out waves are the way to go. It’s a simple hairstyle that almost looks natural – almost. It’s a great choice because you can also do them with hot rollers, and leave them on while you’re getting your makeup done. In the end, take out the rollers, brush out the curls, and set them with some hairspray to make sure you don’t lose any bounce.


Side Fishtail Braid

Some girls want to be Disney princesses for their wedding, and nothing brings that look to life more than a side fishtail braid. Add some gems or even flowers here and there, and your look will be completely stunning!


A Day to Remember

Bridal hairstyles for long hair come in many forms, but the best thing to remember here is to choose something that makes you feel comfortable.