4 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

We don’t know about you, but for us the holidays are among the best days of the year. There’s something magical and cheerful about this period. But when those invites pop into your email, you’re left wondering what to do with it to look your best.

It’s why we’ve picked four easy holiday hairstyles that you can do at home by yourself, moments before you go through the door. They’re simple, yet they’ll definitely make an impression at any party.

Let’s get started!


  1. Elegant Curls

Perfect for medium length, or even long hair, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with some stylish curls. All you need is a curling iron and some hairspray, to make sure the curls stay the way you want them.

If you want to kick things up a notch, you could even do a small side braid in the front to give your look an edge. Curls are very versatile.


  1. Ponytails

Messy, sleek, soft sweep, or even topped with an elegant headband, the ponytail is not only an accessible way to wear your hair. It’s also very chic if you stylize it a bit.

Our favorite (and simple) way to do it is to curl the hair before you bring it up slightly, then use one strand to wrap around the elastic band.


  1. Side Buns

Every woman knows how to put their hair in a quick bun, but if you want to do it for a special occasion, bring your hair to the side and create an easy side bun. For extra glamour for the holidays, add some clips in your hair to complete the look.


  1. Fishtail Braid

If you have long hair, go for a quick fishtail braid, either straight down or on the side. You can play around with it and loosen it up to give it more of a messy vibe. It’s great if you have more of a boho style, but even an elegant ensemble can work with the fishtail braid.


Keep It Simple

The most important thing to remember about holiday hairstyles is to keep them simple and pick something you’re comfortable with.

Or, if you don’t want to do it yourself, stop by Frederick James Salon for the perfect holiday look.