4 Summer Hairstyles For Men

Fades, and pomps, and flips galore! Fredrick James Salon is on the cutting edge of this year’s dopest cuts for men! Santa Rosa had better watch out. Here are some of the hottest haircuts for men you need to be sporting for the summer!

The Lined Up Buzz

Close to the scalp and neatly trimmed for every occasion. Take a date out and have them biting their lip. Step into a job interview and impress them with your attention to detail. A short buzz is a wonderful hairstyle to rock for the summer. Your edges will be in perfect geometric formation with the facial hair to match. Keep your hair off your shoulders, and your neck so that you can stay cool and look cool!

Waves and Taper

People’s heads will spin when they get a look at your glorious waves atop your head. Another neatly trimmed look, with perfectly constructed waves at the center of your head, and a handsome faded look that slopes down the back and sides. A little water, a comb and some gel to perfect your appearance for the day. Soft, yet defined edges for a clean look. If you want people to whisper ‘He’s cute!’ under their breath as they watch you, then this is the look you want to perfect.

The Tapered Mohawk

The edginess starts at the end of your follicles. Lowly shaved or gone from the sides completely, with that longer hair sprouting up from the top. Your hair can be a flame, reaching toward the golden sun. Or you can keep it low key and classy, with your locks gently sloping to the side or to the back of your head. Maybe even have a solid part and a fade that is contrasted with the longer brush of hair right beside it. This style is so versatile, you’ll be left wondering ‘What if’? If you don’t give this daring hairstyle a try.

Color for Your Cut

Change things up and experiment with your You-ness! Try a new color that will make you grin every time you look in the mirror. Find something that goes well with your skin tone and your wardrobe. Add some highlights to your layers, giving you a versatile and dynamic appearance.

Whether you want to rock the style that fits your personality, or you want to reveal yourself to the world as someone who likes to try new things, summer is the season to transform yourself! Frederick James Salon is the one place in Santa Rosa, CA that will open you up to a new world of style fun!