4 Wedding Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Your Bridesmaids

Getting ready for your big day? Looking for suggestions on how your bridesmaids can wear their hair during your wedding? Let’s take a look at a few simple, fun, and timeless wedding hairstyles that are perfect for your bridesmaids.


  1. Relaxed, Low-Slung Updo
    For a look that’s low-maintenance, relaxed, but still totally elegant, we recommend a low-slung updo near the base of the neck. The hair should be pinned gently, allowing it to relax – and adding a twist can help accentuate the details of your bridesmaids’ gowns, and take their looks to the next level. Looking for more ideas? Here is a gallery of plenty of unique wedding updos to take inspiration from.


  1. Bombshell Curls
    If your bridesmaids are wearing backless dresses or dresses with significant backless exposure and have long hair, bombshell curls can be a gorgeous look that will help accentuate their gowns.We recommend gentle curls – almost waves – that cascade gently down the front of the dress and the back. This flowing look will make your bridesmaids look absolutely gorgeous on your big day. Here’s some inspiration (and a styling guide) if you want to try this look out for yourself.


  1. Simple Ballerina Bun
    If you want a sleek look that’s consistent and easy to style (and wear), a simple ballerina bun may be the best option for your bridesmaids. The streamlined and pulled-back appearance of a ballerina bun is formal without being stuffy, and it’s very easy to style, even on your own. Take a look at this gallery of ballerina buns on Pinterest, and see if this style is right for your wedding.


  1. Diverse Hairstyles With Matching Accessories Or Headbands
    Don’t want to tell your bridesmaids how they wear their hair, or do all of your bridesmaids have very distinct hair types or hair lengths that make it hard to maintain a consistent look?One of the easiest ways to maintain a consistent look is to accessorize! A gold or floral headband, flowers woven through the hair, or even a flower crown can be used to provide your bridal party with a unified theme – while allowing them to wear their hair however they want. Take a look at this article for some bridal accessory inspiration.


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