5 Cold Weather Tips to Protect Your Hair This Winter

It’s cold and wet outside, and it’s hot and dry inside, and that can create turmoil for your luscious locks of hair. You might think only summertime can bring split ends, but winter can actually do more damage. Winter is all about locking moisture into your hair. Here are our best winter tips for a wondrous hairdo!

Oil for Oomph

For extra moisture, consider switching to an oil-based moisturizer during the winter, particularly if you have naturally curly hair because it is more sensitive to cold weather. Curly and wavy hair becomes more brittle, so take care for extra moisture. The heavy, oil base evaporates more slowly so your hair stays moist longer.

Deep Treat

Do weekly deep moisturizing treatments for an extra hydration boost. Just remember that hair dries out very quickly in the dry indoor air, so those extra weekly deep treatments come in handy. There are lots of treatments you can buy; leave them on for 30 minutes to give the crème enough time to deeply penetrate your hair.

Leave It

Since hair dries out more easily, use a leave-in conditioner formula to protect hair from static and dryness.

Overnight Hydrate

Just as you might use an overnight face cream for extra moisture, use an overnight conditioner for your hair. These formulas are called night serums and are usually applied to dry hair. The serum is formulated to work on dry hair and you get all that extra moisture that sinks in during your sleeping hours. They can be a bit messy so use an old pillowcase that you really don’t like all that much!

Are you a girl with curls? You might even do a nightly moisturizing with a very light oil that is formulated with high omega fatty acids for extra hydration. Whether you do the serum weekly or nightly, you can wear a scarf around your hair to keep the mess at bay and to help lock in all that moisture.

Halt the Heat

Cut back on the high heat in your normal styling routine. Hair dryers and irons can really do damage during the winter. Use a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair during styling. Try a different style like a ponytail to give your hair a vacation from the heat routine. If you let your hair dry naturally, that’s great, but don’t go outside with wet or partially wet hair. Your hair shaft will expand in the cold and that means more breakage.

We hope these tips have been helpful, but if you still have winter hair woes, come on in and see us at Frederick James Salon. We’ll turn your hair into a winter wonderland in no time.