5 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

It’s a common conundrum: women work for years to grow their hair out, but aren’t sure what to do with that lengthy mane once it’s grown. If you’re lucky enough to have long, luscious locks, here are 5 easy ways to style it.


  1. Double Buns

Also called party buns, this style is a great way to keep things fun and trendy while simultaneously lifting your hair off of your face and neck for events you suspect will get balmy. Another great thing about wearing your hair in double buns is that they can be dressed up with jewelry or made more casual with loose, face-framing strands to fit the vibe of the day.


  1. Twisted Crown

For more formal occasions, a twisted crown shows off your hair’s length but gives a more elevated aesthetic to your look. Particularly if you’ll be wearing earrings you want to flash, this kind of half-up style is a great choice. Depending on whether you’re more traditional or eclectic, you can go with a tighter or looser twisted crown.


  1. Fishtail Braids

Braids have forever been a favorite style for long hair, and there are seemingly limitless version of them. One of the most modern braid iterations is a fishtail, and it’s only a good option for long-haired ladies. Named for their fine criss-cross pattern, fishtail braids look intricate without trying too hard, so they’re the perfect cool-girl style for every occasion.


  1. Vintage Curls

There are few looks more classic or glamorous than smooth, bouncy curls. This look is especially dreamy on long hair, as it further volumizes all that hair while still maintaining an air of sleekness and class. This style also provides a great base for a number of accompanying styles, like pinning one side back or wearing a headpiece for particularly special occasions.


  1. Boho Waves

Long haired beauties who aren’t so glam can opt for a more casual, bohemian style with beachy waves. This look still adds volume and texture, but doesn’t look quite so done up. Like vintage curls, boho waves can be elevated or dressed down depending on the formality of the occasion. The waves are easy to maintain for hours, which is one reason so many brides have gravitated toward this style in recent years.


Whatever the occasion, we can work with you to create the perfect style for your long hair—contact us today to discuss your vision!