5 Hairstyle Trends To Try in 2018

2018 is already in full swing but what about your hair? Are you ready to face 2018 or is your style still stuck in 2017 with that old fringe handbag? At Frederick James Salon, we’re here to help! We’ve done our research and made our predictions.


Here are 5 hairstyles we think are on trend this year.


Bob or Lob with Fringes

Bobs, short haircuts that frame the face, are timeless but have you heard of lobs? Lobs are haircuts that fall somewhere between a bob and a longer haircut. Hence, the name lob. That’s typically at the shoulders. Both bobs and lobs are quite flattering on most head shapes. Add a little fringe to that ‘do’ and you’ll be in style for 2018.


Silver Hair Color

Grey was very popular last year. Now we’re upping the ante with a more sophisticated silver.

Wear it as highlights or go full on metallic. Try it mixed with a pixie cut or Ombré style. The shades and cut combinations are endless but the look is dynamite.



Who doesn’t like curls? Well, apparently, 2018 is in love with them. If you’ve been straightening your spirals, put the flat iron down. We repeat, put the flat iron down. Grab a cut that makes those curls tighten and bounce and replace your hairbrush with a pick. Anyone else sensing an 80s trend?



Smooth and straight hair is being replaced with full, healthy, bouncy hair. It’s a great time to grow your hair out and work on building body. Change it up with a messy bun or a top knot for a truly versatile hairstyle that is relatively low maintenance.


Crochet Faux Locs

If you’re interested in extensions, crochet faux locs are a great way to have a beautiful look while preserving the health of your hair as well. And. They’re absolutely gorgeous!


Hair Accessories

Step up your stunning new hair style with some fun accessories like a hair barrette or headband. Yes, it’s hard to believe but even scrunchies are making a comeback! We are definitely sensing an 80s reboot.


Whether you’re looking for a trim or a lob with fringe or willing to take the plunge with some stunning silver hair color, Frederick James Salon is ready to serve you. Make an appointment today!