5 Questions To Ask A Wedding Makeup Artist

If you’re interested in hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, you may not know where to start when interviewing prospective makeup professionals. So here are a few helpful questions that we recommend you ask when you’re interviewing wedding makeup artists.


  1. Can I See A Portfolio Of Your Work?
    This is the best way to get a better idea of the makeup artist’s overall style, level of experience, and the other details that may help you decide whether or not to work with them.For example, if they do great work but they don’t do makeup looks that you typically go for, this may be a sign to look for another makeup artist who will better suit your needs.


  1. Can You Put Me In Touch With A Past Client?
    Speaking with a past client is the best way to learn more about what you can expect from the makeup artist, and get a better idea of the overall experience. Any qualified, reputable makeup artist would be more than happy to refer you to a past client.


  1. Do You Do Makeup On-Site At The Venue?
    Some makeup artists prefer to work exclusively out of their studios, or charge extra to come to your wedding venue. Because of this, it’s a good idea to find out whether they do makeup on-site at the venue or not – we highly recommend choosing an artist that does, as this will simplify wedding day logistics quite a bit.


  1. What Kind Of Bridal Look Would You Suggest For Me?
    This question lets you learn more about the looks that a makeup artist typically does, their level of experience, the products they use, and more – and helps you understand if their services fit your own unique style.


  1. Can We Do A Makeup Trial?
    A paid makeup trial is the best way to learn more about the makeup artist’s work, and to fine-tune the look you want to go for on your wedding day, so this is an essential step if you’ve narrowed down the makeup artists you want to work with.


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