5 Sexy Hairstyles For Women

Long, medium, or short, curly, wavy, or straight – doesn’t matter. Ladies know that hearts can be broken with the right hairstyle.

So whether you’re in for a first date, or have a romantic evening planned with your significant other, here are the 5 sexy hairstyles that truly make an impact.


The Messy Bob

A bob can accentuate your face shape and draw attention to your neck and clavicle, two areas that make the fellas go crazy. But add “messy” into the mix and you’ll recreate that vibe of effortless beauty, regardless of how long it takes you to get those messy curls just right. Plus, this hairstyle even holds up the next day.


The Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts aren’t for everyone, but if your face shape is perfect for it, this sexy hairstyle can help you make an impact. It’s a very bold choice that speaks volumes in terms of confidence and sensuality.


Long Bangs

The point here is to hide the eyes just a bit to create a layer of mystery and get the other person really interested. And when they get too long you can just sweep them to the side and have a completely new look. Bangs can accentuate natural features, as well as hide anything you don’t want showing on the first date just yet!


Straight and Smooth (and Long!)

Long, sleek, straight hair has a timeless appeal to it and shows off a rather relaxed, youthful style many women love, and their partners crave for. What’s great about this style is that it is both simple, and versatile. Most women can even achieve it at home by themselves.


Retro Curls

This hairstyle might not be the best of a date at the movies, but if you’re going to something with a little bit of “fancy” factor, like the opera/or to dinner at an expensive restaurant, the retro curls are the way to go. It’s perhaps the best-known sexy hairstyle around and works perfectly for both long and medium hair, no matter the kind of cut you have. Definitely consider this look if you want to recreate some old Hollywood glam looks.


Signing off

The perfect sexy hairstyle can drive people crazy, but if you’re not sure which one works best for your type of hair or facial features, we can help. Book an appointment at Frederick James Salon now!