5 Simple Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Though bridesmaids aren’t the stars of the show on a wedding day, they’re still very important players. The happy couple will look back on the photos of their wedding parties for years to come, and well-styled bridesmaids ensure that the bride won’t be disappointed during those recollections.

Since it’s crucial that the bridesmaids look put-together (though not quite as elaborate as the bride herself) here are 5 simple bridesmaid hairstyles that strike the perfect balance.


Loose Curls

The classic look of loose curls is both romantic and subdued. This style works on all hair types, so it’s universally flattering without being over the top. These curls can be styled with headpieces, pinned out of the way, or simply worn naturally.


Beachy Waves

A particularly good option for the posse of a more laid-back bride, beachy waves are the perfect textured style to give bridesmaids an elevated appearance without looking like they tried too hard. The simplicity of this style means that it complements weddings with any theme.


Chic Topknots

Synonymous with class, an Audrey Hepburn-esque bun is both simple and timeless. This style will keep bridesmaids’ hair out of their faces so they can tend to all of the bride’s needs while still giving them a highly polished appearance. This simple look is particularly appropriate for luxe weddings looking to achieve a high-class aesthetic.


Twisted Updos

These updos look much more intricate than they actually are, and give bridesmaids an appearance of being effortlessly cool. This type of updo doesn’t look as stiff as some other styles, but still offers a simple solution to keep hair out of the way while looking somewhat formal. With options like loose face-framing pieces, there are subtle ways to make each bridesmaid look slightly different with a style like this.



There are seemingly endless ways to use braids in bridesmaid hairstyles. Whether it’s simply braiding bangs to pin them back or creating loose fishtails for more boho themes, a braided bridesmaid hairstyle is both simple and trendy. This is an especially fun way to style bridesmaids if the bride is also planning on wearing a more intricate braided style.


Wedding day is one of the most important in any lifetime, and no detail is too small to consider. Whatever bridesmaid hairstyle you have in mind, contact us to talk about how we can make it a reality.

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