As the weather starts to get warmer, wedding season starts to heat up.  If you’re lining up to go down the aisle, there are some things you’ll want to put together before the big day.  Between booking caterers, choosing the right dress, and picking the date, choosing a hairstyle for the bridesmaids can be forgotten till the last minute.  You can prepare yourself and your bridesmaids to ensure you have the right hairstyle for any wedding.  The best part is you can choose to have a combination of different hairstyles or plan on the same for everyone.  Here are six bridesmaid hairstyles that are guaranteed to turn heads at your wedding.

Half Up, Half Down

If you want a versatile style that works for formal and casual dresses, the half up, half down look is the perfect way to go.  It works for both during the wedding and the reception, keeping the hair out of your face.  The flowing and romantic will make all your bridesmaids look great.

Simple Do

The simple do is perfect for a casual look that will work for a wedding.  It’s a simple and classy look that will work for any wedding setting.  The effective look will make your bridesmaids look like they’re ready for a wedding.


Updo’s are a way to make your bridesmaids have the perfect uniform look.  It is the ideal hairdo for pictures, always looking elegant and beautiful.  It’s the best look if you want to have everyone look the same.

Side Swept

The side swept look is the most common style for bridesmaids.  You can style it so it has some curls or a wavy, looser style.  It’s ideal for any style of wedding and your bridesmaids are guaranteed to love it.

Short Hair

If you have a bridesmaid with a short hairstyle, you can work it to your advantage.  It takes some creativity and some product, but you don’t need to worry about getting hair extensions.  There are plenty of ways to make the short hair work for any wedding.

Twisted Do

The twisted do will keep the hair out of your face while giving you a luxurious look.  The twisted hair is similar to braids, but runs down the sides of the head.  The bridesmaids will appreciate any hair that doesn’t fall in their face during the wedding.

At Frederick James Salon, we offer bridal stylings for any budget and lifestyle. Every bride is unique so we strive to create a personalized look for every bride. Contact our office today with your questions or to schedule an appointment.

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