7 Best Balayage Hair Color Ideas for 2019 in Santa Rosa, CA

Balayage was a color trend that first rose to popularity due to the fact that it looks much softer than traditional highlights, and it has since become a favorite method of stylists and trendy salon goers alike. While the method remains the same, balayage color ideas change from year to year, and here are some of the best that 2019 has to offer.

  1. Cinnamon Spiced
    Dark roots can transition easily into either cooler or warmer ends with balayage, and if you’re looking to brighten up your look, a dimensional cinnamon is extremely on trend. A reddish golden brown will have you all decked out for the final months of the year.
  1. Warm Honey
    Bronde is the colloquial name given to that murky in-between area that many not-quite-blondes occupy, and a warm golden balayage can elevate that color to new heights. Mid-toned roots will keep this look grounded, but the rich honey color will add some dimension.
  1. Smokeshow Brunette
    You probably couldn’t have convinced anyone that gray would be trendy 10 years ago, but that’s where things have landed. You don’t have to go totally silver in order to jump on this bandwagon, particularly if you’re not blonde. Instead, try a balayage look that gets progressively more ashy near your ends.
  1. Rooty Vivids
    From pastels to deep hues, striking colors are having a moment. Balayage is a great way to enjoy this colorful trend as you don’t have to bleach your whole head. If you’re a blonde, try transitioning to a pastel blush pink. If you’re brunette, consider a navy blue balayage.
  1. Icy Blonde
    Blonde never really goes out of style, but by far the most stylish version of this forever-favorite at the moment is an icy iteration. Moving from ashy blonde into a light blonde that almost borders purple is the definite blonde balayage move of the year.
  1. Fiercely Fiery
    Some women are born redheads and others are born knowing they were meant to be redheads. Either way, there’s no reason to miss out on the balayage fun. A natural redhead or auburn convert can brighten up her look by transitioning into strawberry-blonde ends with balayage.
  1. Dark and Delicious
    Naturally rich, dark hair can be both a blessing and a curse. It takes more work to lighten (and therefore to balayage), but it can look quite striking when done properly. If you’re an ashy brunette, consider going with a caramel balayage to complement your look with warmth. If you’re more in the chestnut realm, try a honey-hued balayage.

Those who like to stay on trend are bound to be looking for a way to switch things up when it comes to their hair, and these balayage styles are the current best.

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