7 Summer Hairstyles for Women


For many women, summer holds positive connotations: warm days spent by the pool, lots of opportunities to spend time in the outdoors and a release from the harsh winds and low humidity that make winter a nightmare for your skin. However, it also brings increased humidity that leads to widespread frizzing, as well as an enhanced amount of sweat in areas protected by your hair, including your forehead (if you have bangs) and the back of your neck. Thankfully, there are styling options that can help.

Here are seven creative summer hairstyles women can use to cut down on frustration and maximize self-confidence.

  1. Beachy waves

This style evokes long days spent at the beach, rocking your new swimsuit and hanging out with friends — so get into summer beach mode by adopting wavy hair. It’s easy to create by just using a mid-size curling iron and softly curling random strands of hair, creating a freeform rather than a uniform look and feel.

  1. Top plait

This combo ponytail-fishtail braid is the perfect solution for people who have long hair that they don’t want to wear down, but who also don’t necessarily want to put up with a tight braid for the entire day.

  1. Baby braids

You’ll see there most often at festivals, but people love incorporating braids into hair that would otherwise just be worn down, as this helps create a more carefree look and gives off a bohemian vibe. Braid just a few strands of hair and let it fall among the rest of your hair naturally.

  1. High ponytail

Bringing your hair out of your face and off of your neck is key, which is a strong selling point of this hairstyle. This is one of the simplest styles to accomplish, which is why it is the perfect embodiment of carefree and relaxed summer days, where you don’t necessarily want to spend hours wrangling with your hair.

  1. Short hair

If you’re tired of your hair feeling heavy and hot over the summer months, try cutting it short. It might be a radical change, but one that you likely won’t regret.

  1. Shoulder-length

If you have straight hair that you don’t want to cut off all the way into a cropped style, try the lob (also known as the “long bob”), or a shoulder-length haircut that avoids the overbearing nature of long hair while also not making too radical a change from your usual style.

  1. Classic bun

This hairstyle is guaranteed to make you feel like you have short hair if you don’t want to take the extreme step of actually cutting it off. Simply bring up your hair all the way, twist it around a few times and tie it up, securing it with a few bobby pins.

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