How Can Keratin Help Your Hair

If you’re interested in healthier, shinier, and stronger hair, keratin treatments may be just what you need. Not sure if keratin is right for you? If you don’t know how keratin works – or its benefits – you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll get into the basics about keratin treatments below, and tell you everything that you need to know about how keratin can help your hair.

Understanding The Composition Of Hair – It’s Made Of Keratin!

First, you should understand that your natural hair is made of keratin! Keratin is a tough and strong protein, and your hair follicles are constantly producing hair made of this protein.

Keratin is technically “dead” when it leaves the follicle. This means that it has no biochemical activity – the natural systems of the body cannot restore it if it gets damaged.

This is why keratin and other such treatments like conditioner are required to take care of your hair. To keep your hair strong, you have to provide moisture and the proper chemicals to your hair – because your body can’t do so on its own!

3 Ways That Keratin Treatments Can Help Your Hair

 Keratin treatments use natural, hair-based keratin compounds, which are applied directly to your hair to strengthen it. Here are just 3 of the ways this treatment can help your hair.

  1. Reduces risk of breakage   The natural keratin of your hair is strengthened, which reduces the risk of breakage, split ends, fraying, and other such issues. This is because it covers the cuticle and nourishes the hair.
  2. Increases thickness of hair – Keratin treatments bond to the outside of your hair, smoothing it and increasing its overall thickness, shine, and luster. Your hair will look thicker and more attractive.
  3. Strengthens and nourishes hair – Keratin treatments usually also contain essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, reducing frizz and ensuring the continued health of your hair.

When properly used, keratin is a great way to boost the health of your hair, and ensure that it remains thick, glossy, and full.

Is Keratin Right For You?

If you are interested in healthier hair, a keratin treatment may be just what you need, particularly if you suffer from issues like frizzy, thin, or delicate hair. Natural keratin, when added to your hair, has a number of benefits, as outlined above! So think about your own beauty and personal care goals, and decide for yourself whether a keratin treatment is right for you.