How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

Wondering how often you should cut your hair? The answer can be controversial, depending on who you ask. So in this article, we’ll give you our best tips on how often you should trim – and cut – your hair. Get all the details below!

Your Hair Should Usually Be Trimmed Every 1-3 Months

First, let’s start out by distinguishing a “cut” from a “trim.” A cut is intended to change how your hair looks – and usually involves removing quite a bit of your hair and making serious changes to your appearance.

In contrast, a trim is intended to keep your hair at your desired length, or to remove damaged ends while you’re growing it out. Trims should be done regularly – even if you want to maintain the same hairstyle. We recommend that you trim your hair on the following schedule:

  • Short hair – If you want to maintain the same length, it’s a good idea to trim your hair every 4-6 weeks, since growth is more noticeable in short hair.If you’re growing your hair out, it’s still important to have it trimmed regularly. If you’re growing out very short hair, your first trim can wait for about 4-6 months while your hair grows, but you should have it trimmed about every 6-12 weeks after this.
  • Medium-long hair – It’s recommended that you trim your hair about every 6-8 weeks to maintain the length and health of your hair.If you’re growing out medium-long hair, you should trim about every 8-10 weeks to remove damaged ends and keep your hair healthy.

You Should Only Cut Your Hair When You’re Ready For A New Style

How often should you get your hair cut? As often as you want! As mentioned earlier, a hair “cut” is different than a trim – and is intended to change your hairstyle.

For example, you may decide to chop off your medium-length hair into a short bob or pixie cut – or trim down your long hair to make it easier to manage with medium-long waves.

There is no set schedule for haircuts. As long as you are happy with how your hair looks and how you can style it, you can keep your current haircut for as long as you want, and maintain it with regular trims and visits to your stylist.

But when you’re ready for a new style, it’s time for a cut! When combined with styling and coloring, a new haircut can totally change your appearance.

Need A Trim Or A Cut? Come See Our Team Of Stylists Now!

Whether you’re trimming your hair to keep it the same length, you’re growing it out, or you’re ready to get a haircut and make some serious changes to your appearance, our stylists are here to help. Contact Fredrick James Salon now for an appointment.


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