How to Choose The Best Men’s Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Many women will tell you that they have bangs because their faces are round, or that they part their hair down the middle because of their heart-shaped visages, but men often don’t get the same information about what hairstyle will work best for them.

Finding a men’s hairstyle that works for you can feel daunting. If you’ve been wondering how to select a hairstyle that compliments your natural look, here’s a quick guide to pairing a men’s hairstyle with your face shape.


Balance Out a Rectangular Face

If your face is rectangular, avoid styles that make it look longer than it already is, like pompadours or other voluminous styles. Instead, keep the sides full to create a more balanced look. This will help to create a more generally full appearance; you can style it by slicking back the top for a sleek vibe.


Make a Round Face More Angular

For those with round faces, there’s probably been a fair amount of time spent trying to avoid the baby-faced aesthetic. These styles should be just the opposite of those for rectangular faces as you want to add sharper shape—try a side part, or a voluminous style that adds height. A mid-length cut will add the most volume and create the most striking shape, so try not to go too long or too short.


Accentuate a Square Face

The most striking feature of a square-shaped face is the jawline; this is a masculine and sought after feature that ought to be given the attention it deserves. In turn, the best hairstyle for this face shape is one that accentuates that jaw, like an undercut or a longer style. Try out different lengths until you find one that best suits your shape, but a longer cut is bound to do your jaw justice.


Lean into Personal Style for an Oval Face

If you have an oval face, thank your genetics for giving you one of the easiest times picking a hairstyle. Because oval faces are generally well-balanced and don’t need a whole lot of compensation, you should feel free to try the trendiest new styles and experiment until you find one that you love.


The right hairstyle can completely transform someone’s appearance, so don’t settle for a cut that fails to take your natural look into account. Visit us for a hairstyle that’s dreamt up especially for you and you’ll feel like you’ve never looked better.