How to Choose The Most Flatter Haircuts for Your Face Shape in Santa Rosa CA

We’ve all been there—that moment where you spot on amazing haircut online, in a magazine, or on the street, so you ask your stylist for the same look only to find that it doesn’t quite work for you. This can feel like a crushing defeat, but it’s not your fault at all.

The problem is that not all haircuts work for all faces. Your bone structure should play as much of a role in the haircut you choose as your hair texture and thickness, so here is a quick rundown of how to choose the right haircuts for your face shape.


  1. Softening Styles for Square and Rectangular Faces

If you have an extremely angular face, there’s a lot to love about your look. You probably have a distinctive jawline and cheekbones that could cut ice, but you run the risk of looking too severe if you’re not careful with your haircut. In turn, try to choose a cut that’s not too blunt or abrupt. For example, opt for a look that features soft layers or side swept bangs like a soft, textured bob.


  1. Add Definition to Round and Oval Faces

Generally speaking, an oval face is the most diverse face shape to choose a style for, but it features one of the same issues as round faces: it can seem to lack any real shape. As such, angular cuts that add some dimensional lines are often the right move. Go for blunt, straight bangs or a longer style without layers to soften it up. Longer looks are especially good for round faces as they seem to balance them out.


  1. Balance the Shape of Diamond and Heart Faces

If you have a diamond or heart-shaped face, your forehead and cheekbones are wider than your jaw, which can leave the bottom half of your face looking too thin if you’re not careful. To combat this issue, go for a cut that appears to add volume to the jaw area, like a long bob with a deep side part. Avoid short, choppy layers or even bangs as this can make your forehead appear even bulkier.

If you’re still simply not sure how to choose the best haircuts for your face shape, you just need the right stylist to help point you in the proper direction. Make an appointment with us to get the insight you’ve been looking for, and leave with a haircut that was made for you.