Seven Easy Updos for Holiday Parties

The holiday season is here. That means the party invites are going to start pouring in. There is a good chance that you will have all of your outfits planned out for every event you will attend. But, what about your hair? If you tend to stress about how you will fix your tresses every time you go to a party, check out some of these easy updos that are perfect for every holiday party you will attend this season.


Double Bun 

A double bun is exactly what it sounds like: two small buns on the back of the head. Normally, they are placed next to each other. But, for a fun update on the look, stack one on top of the other. This style is easy to accomplish, but will look like you spent hours on it. You can easily dress this style up for a formal party or just as easily keep it casual.


Low Bun

The low bun is a great hairstyle for anyone who wants to stay on-trend. This updo gives you an elegant look that is easy to achieve. You can get this style done in just a few easy steps, and then your hair is good to go for the rest of the night.


Knotty Updo

This hairstyle is a great option if you are going to a formal holiday party. This look is particularly good for showing off hair that has highlights. This elegant look features long hair that is twisted into a braid-like form that sits in the center of the back of the head. A few elastic bands and some bobby pins are all you need to achieve this classy look.


Twisted Ponybun

This updo is ideal for ponytail lovers. Many women love to play with the classic ponytail look by tucking half of their ponytail into a bun. Think about that look, but classier. This updo will keep your hair out of your face and have you looking fresh and ready to go. It is the perfect choice for an after-work party with your coworkers or friends.


Roll and Tuck

This updo is quick and easy to do. As the name suggests, all you need to do is roll and tuck your hair. It is the perfect idea for your hair if you are short on time or received a last-minute party invitation. No one will know you only spent only a few minutes on your cute and stylish hairdo.


Waterfall Braided Bun

Braided buns are all the rage these days. This one is perfect for any holiday party. It consists of a French braid across the back of your head. It ends with a casual bun at the side nape of your neck. If you leave the waterfalls of hair loose, it will look like they are curling under for a slight twist on the look. You can also skip the bun and have the ends fall loosely from the bottom of the braid.


Knotted Chignon

You may think the idea of the chignon is old and outdated. But, this updated twist on it will change your mind. It sits beautifully at the nape of the neck. It is simple yet elegant at the same time. This hairstyle is particularly effective the longer your hair is. It starts with a low ponytail. With just a few twists, your hair will be transformed into a beautiful style that is ideal for even the fanciest of holiday parties.


If you are heading out to a party this holiday season, stop in to Frederick James Salon and we will make your hair look gorgeous.