The 5 Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair in Santa Rosa California

In a perfect world, everyone would have thick, luxurious hair. In the real world, it rarely works out that way. If you’re one of the many people whose hair isn’t quite as thick as you’d like, consider opting for one of these 5 hairstyles for thin hair.


  1. Textured Bob

The last thing you want when you have thin hair is for it to look flat or stringy. A textured bob is the perfect answer to this concern as it creates volume through the many different layers, and prevents flatness since there’s not too much length weighing it down. Plus, a shorter cut will be much easier to style in a way that hides thinness.


  1. Pixie Cut

Much in the same way that a bob combats thin hair concerns, a pixie cut creates texture and dimension without any flatness due in large part to the fact that there’s not length weighing it down. Because this haircut can be styled in so many ways, you’ll have more options than ever for dressing your thin hair up or down, and no one will ever guess that it’s not dense.


  1. Wispy Bangs

The front of the hair is often the place that betrays thinness. Wispy bangs create texture without requiring that you chop off too much of your already-limited hair, so you can enjoy a fuller look without compromising any actual fullness. Plus, the dimension in front will draw eyes toward your face rather than focusing on your hair.


  1. Long Layers

While it’s clear that a shorter style is easier to maneuver for thin hair, sometimes it can be hard to part with your long locks. That’s okay—there are still ways to make long hair appear fuller. Namely, long layers will add the dimension that you’ve been searching for by staggering the ends of your hairstyle.


  1. Deep Side Part

If you simply can’t bring yourself to lose any length, get a cut that’s designed for a deep part. A more serious side part will create a little volume on top and give your entire hairstyle a more varied appearance, and a skilled stylist will have the ability to trim it in a way that also complements your face shape.

Achieving your dream look is all about playing to your strengths. While you might feel hopeless about your thin hair, the right stylist can transform it into the mane of your dreams. Come see us and get the hairstyle you’ve always wanted.