The Top 2019 Hairstyle Trends For Women

Whether you work as a stylist, or you just love to be up-to-date on the latest hairstyle trends so that you can keep your hair looking unique and modern, we’ve put together a list of the top 2019 hairstyle trends for women that we think are going to be huge! Take a look, and start thinking about a new hairstyle for the New Year now!

  1. The Modern Bob

It’s sometimes hard to wear a bob without feeling old fashioned. But we think that this hairstyle is due for a comeback! Today’s retro-inspired bobs are a bit softer than previous bobs, and often incorporate hair texturizer and a deep side part, to make them look visually distinct from the bobs of yesteryear.

  1. Retro Bangs And Fringes

Bangs have been on the outs for a while – but we think they’re primed for a comeback in 2019. With the right haircut, bangs can be a great frame for your face, and lend a bit of unique style to your hairdo. We also think that retro, long fringes are due for a comeback – long, curly or wavy hair, with chopped bangs and fringes that have a BoHo and hippie vibe are sure to be popular in the New Year.

  1. White, Gray And Lavender

As hair dying and coloring technology and techniques have improved, more women than ever are experimenting with new, unique colors and styles – and though the trend toward gray, white, and lavender hair was in full effect in 2018, we expect these styles to become even more popular in the coming year. Compared to other, more traditional hair colors, these colors have a very unique style and flair.

  1. Textured Pixies

We expect that short, chopped pixie cuts that are highly layered and textured will become very popular in 2019. They’re low-maintenance, look great, and make you feel unique. If you’re feeling bold enough to go short, a pixie might just be right for you!

  1. Curls Unleashed

Drop that flat iron! Curls are going to be huge in 2019 – literally! Whether you have smaller curls or your hair tends to collect in large ringlets, we encourage you to explore hairstyles for natural curls.

Know What To Expect From Hair Trends In 2019!

At Frederick James Salon, we always try to stay up-to-date on the latest styles and trends. So come in today, and prepare your hair for the New Year! No matter what style you’re interested in, we’re here to help.