Trending Hair Colors for 2019

Keeping up with the current trends can be a hassle if you don’t know where to look. Fashion magazines and editorials are always portraying the best styles and trends to follow, but it can be confusing to take in all this information at once. Instead, our list is here to show you what the best trending hair colors are for 2019 so that you can give yourself a fresh look and maybe even get a little boost in self-confidence!


Faded Pastel Colors

While many people think of going bright when they want to dye their hair an unnatural color, faded pastels are the way to go. It’s just a slight wash of color that leaves a trace of it behind on your hair, giving you a soft look that you can rock for months. There are temporary pastel hair washes you can try out as well to see if it works with your face and skin tone.


Corals Aren’t Just for Fish

A deep orange-pink hue is definitely making a trend and turning heads. This bright color is not one many would consider, but it actually works for different kinds of hair, whether it’s curly, straight, brown, or blonde. The peach-like hue can add a nice surprising glow to your skin tone as well — give it a try!


Beautiful Blackberry

This shade is the perfect hair color for those with really dark hair who don’t want to spend hours stripping the layers of their hair. Instead, a few highlights are added; purple and blue tones are added to the hair to produce a marvelous effect. Take on this coloring style with some curly hair, and the dimensions of your hair will pop.


Opals Are a Girl’s Best Friend

The color of opal is fantastic; it isn’t much different from the faded pastel look, but instead of going with just one color, several pale colors are added to the hair to give it that opal effect, like a pale holographic. Opal hair can only be achieved with very light hair, however, so it will require a lot of work to accomplish if you have very pale hair.

If you’re interested in updating your style, it might be time to take a trip to the hairdresser. A professional stylist can see which of these hair color trends would be most suitable for you. Call your local hair salon to make an appointment today. That way, you will have a fresh look this year.