The crisp autumn air and all of the fall fun associated with the season might have you itching to make a change, and now is the perfect time to rethink your look for the colder weather. Before you jump into anything, consider these 4 trendy hair colors to tackle this autumn.

  1. Ashy Blonde
    When fall arrives, things always get a little less flashy and a little more muted. Blonde is a summertime favorite, but it can have an autumn moment when it’s subdued a bit. Often referred to as mushroom blonde, this color tones down the yellow in blonde for more ashy highlights.If you love your light locks but you want to lean into the seasonal trend, just tone down those highs to fit the feeling of fall.
  1. Eye-catching Copper
    Every year when the leaves begin to change, people get inspired to give their own hair a similarly vibrant update. Red is a classic autumn color, but this year’s hue is less Little Mermaid and more Jessica Rabbit. If you’re hesitant to dive into this orangish-red, you can always dip your toe with some highlights or an ombre look.For those lucky enough to have been born with red hair, copper can be an easy, brightening move.
  1. Rooty Gold
    They say that blondes have more fun, and while there’s no hard evidence that that’s true, almost everyone has been curious to test it out for themselves a time or two. For brunettes looking to foray into lighter territory, staying rooted in their natural color can feel like a safer bet. Moving from dark roots into a vibrant gold is both on season and on trend.Not only will this save you from unsightly grow out, it will also give your look some beautiful dimension.
  1. Dark and Dimensional
    Light colors might dominate the warmer months, but dark-haired beauties shine in autumn. Those with brunette and black hair looking to update their aesthetic for the season should consider warming things up with some cinnamon and auburn touches.No matter where your hair falls on the darkness scale, these colors can help your hair feel more on trend as they harken to fall favorites like changing leaves and warm apple cider.

It’s only natural to get the urge to switch things up when it comes to your hair, so go ahead and give into your desires, and consider these 2019 trends when you come in for your seasonal update.


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