If you’re having trouble with frizz or dryness with your hair, it may be time to consider a hair masque. A conditioner and nourishing shampoo may not be cutting it for your type of hair or what it is subjected to on a daily basis. You may need additional help to get your hair in the best condition possible. This is where a hair masque comes in.

But, what is a hair masque?

You may be wonder exactly what a hair masque is. A hair masque is basically a high-powered conditioner for your hair. They usually contain oils, butters and other ingredients designed to boost your conditioning efforts. You will leave it on for longer than a traditional conditioner in order to get the full benefits. Because of this additional time commitment, you will get more out of it. Even just one use of a hair masque can have great results for your hair.

What can a hair masque do for my hair?

They are more powerful than traditional conditioners because they don’t simply rest on the strands of the hair. Instead, it works its way into the hair cuticle itself in order to repair more damage than traditional conditioners can. It deeply nourishes and heals your hair on a whole other level.

What this means for you is that if you have problems with damaged, frizzy, dry or very long hair, a hair masque is very important for you. This extra care will do wonders to repair this damage or care for your long hair. The oils and butters can help to replenish your hair and add shine as well. They also tend to smell good and can help you to calm down after a particularly stressful day.

Many people can benefit from taking extra care of their hair with a hair masque. It’s important to pick the right kind for you and your hair. We offer two options when it comes to hair masques. You can pick either the Oribe Conditioning Hair Masque or the Redken Conditioning Hair Masque. We can help you pick the best for you and your hair. Contact us today with any questions or to make an appointment. You’re on your way to better hair!