What Is The Difference Between Balayage And Highlights

If you’re looking to change up your look by lightening your hair, you may be wondering if balayage or highlights are right for you – and you may not even be sure what the difference is between these two hair treatments.

So in this article, the team at Fredrick James Salon will discuss the basics about the difference between highlights and balayage, and help you decide which type of hair coloring treatment may be right for you.


Highlights Are More Dramatic & Use Foils To Achieve The Desired Result

Traditionally, highlights are done using a foiling technique. Groups of hair strands are typically put together, and then are lightened from the root to the ends, using a “sectioning” pattern that leaves some natural hair between each foil.

The result is a hairstyle that has more distinct “sections” of highlighted and natural hair. Of course, highlights don’t look “stripy” – hairstylists use special techniques to make sure that the lightened sections and natural sections blend together smoothly for a beautiful result.


Balayage Is “Hand Painted” And Has A More Multi-Dimensional Look

Balayage is often confused for highlights, but it’s actually distinct from highlights, and it uses a very different technique. While both highlights and balayage are hair lightening techniques, balayage does not use any foils.

Instead, your stylist will use a “freehand” painting technique that involves applying lightening products to a few sections of your hair at a time. Typically, less lightener will be applied to the roots of the hair, and more will be applied toward the tips – resulting in a hair color that’s darker on top, but then gradually becomes lighter as it cascades toward your shoulders.

Balayage has a more multi-tonal “sun-kissed” appearance, and simulates how your hair would look if it was exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time.


Still Not Sure What’s Right For You? Come To Fredrick James Salon To Find Out!

At Fredrick James Salon, our experienced stylists can provide you with a style consultation to help you decide whether balayage or highlights are right for you – and to explain the differences between the two in more detail.

So if you’re having trouble deciding, don’t go it alone! Contact us online or give us a call at  707.595.5867 for an appointment with one of our stylists and find out more about balayage and highlights.


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