What Is The Olaplex Hair Treatment And How Do You Use It

Have you heard of Olaplex Hair Treatment? Not sure if it’s right for your needs, or how you use it to improve the health of your hair after chemical dying and bleaching? Get all the details you need now!

The Basics Of Olaplex Hair Treatment

Olaplex Hair Treatment is designed to rebuild and repair your hair by restoring damaged “disulfide” bonds that are harmed by the chemical processes of bleaching and highlighting.

The product is intended to help restore the strength, structural integrity, and health of your hair, even if it has been over-bleached or highlighted for years, letting your hair “reset” and restoring its natural luster and appearance.

How Do I Use Olaplex Hair Treatment?

Olaplex Hair Treatment has 5 steps. 2 are performed in the salon, and the remaining 3 are done by you, with at-home products.

  1. Bond Multiplier – Your stylist will apply Olaplex Bond Multiplier to your hair. This can be done as a standalone process, or along with bleaching or coloring.

  2. Bond Perfector – Once the bleach and/or Bond Multiplier have been rinsed out, Bond Perfector will be placed, and left on for about 20 minutes while it repairs your hair.

  3. Hair Perfector – Next, you’ll use this take-home treatment once per week, before your shampoo and conditioner. Use 1-3 teaspoons of product, and comb through evenly, leaving it for at least 10-30 minutes, or overnight.

  4. Bond Maintenance Shampoo – This shampoo helps strengthen and hydrate your hair during every wash, and keeps the Olaplex Hair Treatment at tip-top performance.

  5. Bond Maintenance Conditioner – Like Olaplex Maintenance Shampoo, this can be used instead of your standard conditioner. It hydrates and smoothes the hair, and should be left on for at least three minutes before you rinse it out.

With this 5-step program, your hair can be strengthened, even if you are having it bleached and colored at the salon. Or, if you are planning to go back to your natural color, it will help restore your hair and keep it healthy as you grow it out naturally.

Come To Fredrick James Salon For Olaplex Hair Treatment!

Want to restore your hair after chemical bleaching and coloring? Our team of stylists is here to help. Contact Fredrick James Salon now to schedule your Olaplex Hair Treatment, and keep your hair strong and beautiful!


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